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Rampant Coffee Beans -250 grams Freshly Roasted- STAMPEDE Blend

250 grams of freshly roasted Rampant Coffee- STAMPEDE blend.

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Product Description

250 grams of freshly roasted ‘STAMPEDE’  blend.

Supplied as either whole beans or ground to your liking.

‘STAMPEDE’ is a blend of 100% Arabica beans individually roasted to enhance the natural flavours and aromas of the bean then carefully combined to produce an all round full bodied cup of coffee.

We choose a variety of beans from all over the world. Roast to maximise the beans natural characteristics. Then blend to produce what we call  ‘STAMPEDE’.

Most suited to complement a flat white, latte or cappuccino. But still great enjoyed without milk. This is sure to draw a crowd!

Additional Information

Whole Beans Or Ground

Whole beans, Plunger/ filter grind, Espresso grind

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